Personal Training

Having many years of experience in research and application of strength training in real life, I can help you with:

  • Returning back into shape after longer break or pregnancy
  • Rehabilitation after injuries of the musculoskeletal system
  • Improvements in quality of movement.
  • Reducing body fat and increasing lean mass by strengthening of your body
  • Improving your lifestyle and teach you healthy habits.
  • Reducing, eliminating muscle imbalances caused by work or physical activities.

I am trying to improve the quality of life for clients of all ages, regardless of whether you are an active healthy person, busy entrepreneur or a person with pain (disabilities) who wants to improve their health.Do not hesitate and contact me – initial consultation is always free!

It is very important to remember, that every human being is unique and I am doing my best to work with everyone respecting this fact.



Stretching is a type of physical activity, which is focused on releasing stiff muscles, improving mobility and range of motion (ROM), but also for optimal preparation of body for exercise load. Based on visual assessment and FMS (Functional Movement Screen), it’s possible to create a specific stretching program for the beginning or end of each training session or as a separate training session. Stretching can help you to:

  • Optimize readiness of body for training session (load).
  • Release shortened muscles.
  • Improve ability to produce maximal power due to bigger range of motion
  • Increase physical and mental release (relaxation)
  • Decrease muscle pain, muscle tension (stiffness)
  • Improve of upright body posture and reduction of muscle imbalances.

Foam rolling

Rolling the special roller is a type of myofascial auto-release. It is a technique used by top athletes and physiotherapist for inhibition of hypertonic muscles. This technique uses the concept of autogenic inhibition..


Initial consultationFree
Complex physical diagnostics50 Eur
Training session30 Eur
Training package (Pre and post program diagnostics, 10 training sessions)350 Eur